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The Maarte Tourist

adj. 1. Finicky; 2. high maintenance


Created in 2017, this blog is for tourists  who want to find the best accommodations and getaways perfect for the clean-freaks and high maintenance peeps with tight budget.

About Us

Nica Fernandez


I’m a twenty-something artist, animal advocate, dog-lover, aspiring traveler, and a blog writer who would like to travel the world for free. The ‘maarte’ in me always wants to look for the cleanest and fanciest accommodations, while the ‘poor’ in me wants to look for the most budget-friendly. Hence, this blog. 🙂

Peja Christian

The senior photographer, contributor, and ultimate crush of the Maarte Tourist. I am an engineer by day, biker by afternoon, and gamer by night. I will explore the world one shutter click at a time.

Through intense research about our travels, we have found the getaways which will get you the most bang for your buck and those that will not. Hope this helps you in your future travels!


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