This article is just a summation of all the things we’ve done in our Pangasinan trips.  Some of it we enjoyed, some we didn’t. This is a photo diary of our tours and some of our ‘behind the scenes’ stories. Hope you enjoy reading! 🙂 Here’s our Pangasinan travel guide!  […]

5 Things to Do in Pangasinan

‘Masamirey Cove Resort- A 5-Star Accommodation in the Humble Town of Sual’ I’ve always loved beautiful accommodations. It’s also one of the reasons why Peja and I started this blog, to share with everyone our getaways and accommodation finds so that others, too, can enjoy traveling just as much as […]

One Fine Day in Masamirey

Summer’s here and what’s the best way to spend it, if not the beach? Tucked in a lush cluster of trees in Long Beach, Bolinao, this is where you will find Birdland Beach Club, an eco-resort owned by Michael Parayno- a retired professor of UC Berkeley and his wife, Joanna […]

Birdland Beach Club- A Lover’s Nest in Bolinao