Last year, we had round up our picks for our Top 5 Airbnb Wishlist in Luzon. Thankfully, out of the five accommodations we had listed, we got to experience two of them and write about it. Not bad, right? To kick-start our 2018, we freshly picked another Top 5 for […]

5 Airbnb Wishlist in Luzon 2018

This article is just a summation of all the things we’ve done in our Pangasinan trips.  Some of it we enjoyed, some we didn’t. This is a photo diary of our tours and some of our ‘behind the scenes’ stories. Hope you enjoy reading! 🙂 Here’s our Pangasinan travel guide!  […]

5 Things to Do in Pangasinan

It’s no secret that we love Airbnb. Whenever we have an outing, it’s the first website I check for our accommodations.

5 Airbnb Wishlist in Luzon