5 Airbnb Wishlist in Visayas (The Luxury Edition)

This is a wishlist for a reason. We’re free to dream and post these accommodations on our travel goal board, hoping that there will be a day when we can go here and look back on the times when it was just a name on our list of ‘Places to Go’.

So let’s take it up a notch higher because the sky’s the limit! Now, this isn’t your regular luxury hotels. I’ve made sure to pick the ones that offer a much more unique and different experience for their guests. Come and dream with me!

Here’s our Top 5 Airbnb Wishlist in Visayas for 2018– The Luxury Edition!

Note: All have been carefully researched and selected by The Maarte Tourist.

All photo credits to Airbnb

Shell Villa

Shell Villa in Diniview overlooks the hills and the ocean, perfect for viewing the Boracay sunset with your significant other. This villa consists of a fully equipped kitchen, an ensuite bathroom that connects to a sundeck with loungers, and its own veranda with private plunge pool. Luxury at its finest! It has a required minimum of 3 nights per stay making it a really glamorous destination, perfect for honeymooners and high-roller vacationers. 🙂

The overnight rate of Shell Villa starts from Php 10,987+ and there’s a minimum required stay of 3 nights.
For booking and inquiries, click here. 

 Pure Shores Villa

This exclusive villa perched on a cliff located in Bohol boasts five large bedrooms with an infinity pool overlooking the Guindulman Bay and the Bohol Sea. It can also be rented out as a venue for small events like weddings and family gatherings. It looks so good in photos and I’m sure it looks so much better in person.

Lights on and chill.

Al fresco dining, sunset, and delicious food. Can it get better than this?

Your own exclusive paradise getaway perched on a cliff and all yours.

The overnight rate of Pure Shores Villa starts from Php 55,000+ and it can accommodate up to 10 guests.
For bookings and inquiries, click here. 

 Den Pasar Boracay Beach Villa

If you think a 5-star resort is too much, then I’m pretty sure 6-star will leave you speechless. Do you know that a night in this 6-star villa in Boracay will cost you Php 178,000+? Wow. Talk about luxury! If anyone’s coming to visit here, we wouldn’t mind joining you. Kami na ang bahala sa pictures!😆

The villa includes your own chauffeur that can take you to any destination, your own helicopter service, a private spa, own private beach, own infinity pool, and two luxurious bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms. This place really looks like a million bucks and I’m sure anyone would feel like a celebrity sipping cocktails by the beach while watching the Boracay sunset if they get the chance to visit here.

Spend a day in the living room on the first level or head over to the second level and relax at the private spa.

Feel the endless summer vibe at the infinity pool.

Feel the sand between your toes and the salty ocean breeze on your face right at your own beachfront.

The overnight rate of Den Pasar Boracay beach villa starts from Php 178,369+, with a minimum required stay of two nights. The whole can also accommodate up to 12 guests.
For bookings and inquiries, click here. 

Luxury Villa Busay

I am sure every one of us has watched a video or two about the Hollywood life and glamour. If you’re like me that daydreams about experiencing living in a mansion like those on the music videos of famous singers, look no further! There’s a luxury villa in Cebu that can give you the feeling like you’re one of the famous celebrities in Hollywood.

The best part here is the infinity pool overlooking the city!

The overnight rate of Luxury Villa Busay starts from Php 32,000+.
For bookings and inquiries, click here. 

Luxury 2-Bedroom Villa in Boracay

The villa in Boracay gives us the Santorini feels. The infinity bathtub with the unobstructed views of the Boracay sea is the cherry on top of this accommodation, not to mention the beautiful interior design of the villa itself.

Rooftop Bathtub

Indoor view of the villa, loft style

secret beach, 200 meters from the house

The overnight rate of the villa starts from Php 6,000+ and it can accommodate up to 4 pax.
For bookings and inquiries, click here. 

All photo credits to Airbnb

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Hope this wishlist can help you in your search for the best accommodations!

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Disclosure: We are dedicated to finding the best accommodations and write about it with integral transparency and unbiased opinions.

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