The Quiet New Year

Well, this is a bit unusual. It’s the first time we’re spending New Year without fireworks.

Banaue Chalet

 Ever since 2016, I have been eyeing this accommodation and I’ve promised myself that one day I’ll stay here. Banaue Chalet will be the one and only option on where we’re going to stay in Banaue. After more than a year of trying to go here, we’ve finally made it!

We stayed on the upstairs level of the chalet with the wide balcony that overlooks the rice terraces. A lot of our time there was spent drinking coffee while listening to Ed Sheeran songs and just staring at the wonderful views of the mountains. Spending our New Year there even if there were no fireworks was more than enough for us.

The upstairs level of the chalet has one bedroom that can accommodate up to 2 guests. It also has a loft with mattresses and can accommodate another 2 more. The whole unit also has its own fully-equipped kitchen and a wide bathroom.

It was such a relief when I first laid down on this bed after our Batad trip. The bed was so soft and the comforter felt like heaven.

Love all the details of the bathroom!

The balcony has an outdoor grill and lounge chairs with an umbrella so you can bask in the sun if you’re lucky!

 I love how the design and the little things in the chalet are designed to give convenience to their guests. For example, there’s drinking water available already so you don’t have to bring your own.  Another is the different kinds of towels that you can use for various purposes. There’s a clean and unused sponge available for the guests. There are tons of racks for your clothes. Coffee presses with complimentary ground coffee… Ahh. I love this place! We love it so much we decided to extend our stay, however, the Coda Lines office told us rebooking of our bus schedule wasn’t possible because it was peak season. 🙁

 We bought our ingredients and other snacks from the town proper which is accessible via tricycle or jeep for only Php25 per trip. Please take note that sometimes the ATM in Banaue is offline. Make sure that you bring with you enough cash.

Although there was no television, there were a lot of board games available for guests to use. We actually spent our New Year playing Scrabble while we pump up the volume of the Bluetooth speaker playing party songs. Okay, maybe it’s a bit boring for some, but actually, we had a lot of fun! (or maybe it’s just me?)

Scoreboard: Peja – 4 | Nica – 0 🙁

It was also freezing cold that time and it was ‘zero-visibility’ outside because of the fog. I’m not sure if there were indeed fireworks because we can’t actually see anything from outside. Haha. We just partied on our own, in our own way. By party, I mean two cans of beer, fries, and buffalo wings. 😆

On our last day, we were finally gifted with clear skies so we had our breakfast outside.

Honestly, I wouldn’t mind taking another 9 hour-trip next time just to visit Banaue Chalet again.

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The overnight rate of Banaue Chalet (upstairs level) starts from Php 2,700+ for the first two guests (can accommodate up to 4 guests). Booking is made through the Airbnb app/site only. Minimum of two nights.

Get a discount of Php1,100 if you book through Airbnb by using our code!!! Click here


Facebook page- Banaue Chalet
Banaue Chalet (upstairs level) –
Banaue Chalet (downstairs level)

How To Go

Mania to Banaue

From Cubao, we rode the Coda Lines bus that will take us directly to Banaue. The fare is Php 550 for the deluxe bus that offers more spacious seat (compared to the Php 500 ordinary AC bus of Coda Lines) and its own comfort room inside. Travel time will take around 9 hours and the trip has only one stopover. The bus leaves at 9:00 pm and arrives in Banaue around 5:30 am.

Banaue Town Proper to Banaue Chalet

From the town proper, Banaue Chalet is accessible via tricycle and jeepney. Full disclosure of the property will be disclosed once booking is confirmed.

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