Top 5 Family-Friendly Getaways in the Philippines

Planning a holiday trip with the family this holiday season? To help you decide, we have come up with a list of our own top 5 family-friendly getaways here in the Philippines!

Take note that this list is in no particular order. We couldn’t decide which one comes first because each one offers a unique and different experience each time for their guests. 🙂

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Casa Belinda

Casa Belinda is a great choice for family or group of friends who want an exclusive getaway near Manila with a very reasonable price. It is a country-inspired cottage on a privately owned property located in Lipa, Batangas. We love their organic lettuce farm where you can practically eat as many greens as you can for a very cheap price!
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The rate of Casa Belinda starts from Php 4,000+ for 2 pax in the guest room and Php 8,000 for 6 pax in the cottage.

Facebook Page- Casa Belinda, Malarayat
Airbnb listing- Casa Belinda, Lipa
Contact # (Ms. Lingling Ringler)- 0917 849 7699
E-mail –


Crosswinds Swiss Luxury Resort

Experience the most loved holiday 365 days in a year in this Swiss-inspired resort in Tagaytay. The Alpine Village is perfect for the kids and kids at heart as well. With over 20,000 pine trees in the whole property, it’s truly a feast for the senses! 🙂
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The rate of Crosswinds Grand Quartier starts from Php 3,500+ for 2 pax (can accommodate up to 5).

Swiss Inspired Place in Tagaytay (Airbnb)-

Masamirey Cove Resort

Perfect for beach goers, Masamirey Cove Resort in Pangasinan is beaming with water activities and island hopping tours to keep the adrenaline going.  Guests can be confident as well for the safety of their children because there are lifeguards on duty to keep watch all the time. In addition, their gorgeous Balinese-styled villas is a perfect spot for relaxation after a day of activities.
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The rate of Masamirey Cove Resort starts from Php 4,800 for 2 pax and Php 6,500 for 4 pax.

Facebook Page- Masamirey Cove Resort
Airbnb- Masamirey Cove
Mobile- 09171365931


Sand and Stars Beach Resort

Sand and Stars in Aurora is one of the famous spots in the whole stretch of Dindiawan beach. Their fun and colorful glamping tent and cottage accommodations are the main attractions here. Combine it with the different activities available and gorgeous views of the mountains and the beach, it’s a sure win for the whole family!
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The rate of Sand and Stars glamping tent starts from Php 1,500 and the cottage starts at Php 2,000.


Facebook- Sand and Stars
Mobile- 0917 805 7082 /  0995-624-2280


Terra Nova Peninsula

You can take away all the hassle and inconveniences when traveling with your family when you book with Terra Nova Peninsula in Palawan. This way, you wouldn’t have to worry about scheduling your tours, booking rooms, meals, etc. because the Terra Nova family has got it all covered for you! They offer an ALL-INCLUSIVE package for their guests, meaning you literally just have to bring yourself!
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The all-inclusive rate of Terra Nova starts from USD 500+ for 4 guests. Minimum of 2 nights per stay.

+63 (0) 905 864 8182
Mr.Eric Vidal (LONDON – UK):
+44 (0)74-0171-9877

Terra Nova Villa #1: El Nido Private Beach ALL INCLUSIVE W/TOUR
Terra Nova Villa #2: El Nido Luxury ALL INCLUSIVE W/TOUR
 Terra Nova Peninsula:

Hope this list can help you in your search for your next family getaway!

Note: All these accommodations can be booked through the Airbnb site or app. 

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