Terra Nova- Where Luxury Meets Purpose

It’s our first time in Palawan and it turned out that this place will be a special, SPECIAL one for us. (I’ll hint at it later!)

I couldn’t be thankful enough that we got to experience this one of a kind event in our lives with none other than the BEST resort in Palawan, Terra Nova Peninsula.  

Aside from being in Palawan– a  registered UNESCO World Heritage site and the BEST island in the world, guests of Terra Nova will also get the chance to give back and help others by being guest donors in the local communities of El Nido, Taytay, and Liminangcong through Guy Mazzoni and his wife’s charity programs.

The Guy Mazzoni Foundation

 Staying in Terra Nova will help benefit the local communities in Palawan– the farmers, fishermen, and their children, as it will help support their employment, hospitality training, and education.

Guy Mazzoni, the president and founder of this foundation, started out this venture for social impact because he wanted to help Palaweños by developing eco-tourism, sustainability and investing in the in the employment and education of local people. For more information, click here http://www.guymazzoni-foundation.org/.

Terra Nova Peninsula

Terra Nova, an eco-friendly and a private beachfront property,  offers an ALL-INCLUSIVE package for their honorary guests. This package includes: private villa accommodation, full board meals, El Nido and Liminangcong island hopping tours with your own boat and crew, water activities, other amenities like a gym, beach volleyball, etc., free laundry, day to day housekeeping, and free transfers back and forth by van/ boat between Terra Nova and El Nido airport.


  The recommended way to get to Terra Nova is through El Nido. Aside from the free airport transfers back and forth, it will only take you a couple of hours to get to the resort.

However… we came from the Puerto Princesa airport. From our arrival in PPS, we rode a van to get to Liminangcong in Taytay, Palawan. The trip took us more than 6 hours– which was pretty exhausting! Also, the final road to Liminangcong is rough and unpaved. We arrived in the Liminangcong port around 9:00 pm and was greeted with all smiles by Ms. Jess. I was very relieved to see her, I almost wanted to hug her.  I was so glad we’re finally on our way to the resort!

Terra Nova boat transfers will only take around 10-15 minutes. I can still remember the stars were shining brightly that night and the wind was blowing through my hair as we were cruising the sea. From afar, we could already see the peninsula that was glowing softly through the night. As the boat came closer, I was stunned. Remember the first night when Harry Potter first saw Hogwarts? Yep, that’s how I felt as well when I first saw Terra Nova.

We were greeted by Ms. Mae and Belle– the sweetest resident dog of the resort. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the place was, up until now, actually. Ms. Mae toured us around our villa and let us freshen up first before having our welcome dinner prepared by the private chef of Terra Nova, Chef Rowel.

Villa #1

We stayed in the Villa 1 of Terra Nova— a 200 sqm villa consisting of two bedrooms and can accommodate up to 4-6 guests. This villa is also designed in such a way that air circulates inside, therefore preventing the use of air conditioning units. It is also solar- powered and has LED lighting, hence, reducing electric consumption. This is one of their few ways of preserving resources and environment.

Villa 1 overlooks the beach and the Terra Nova Bay. You can also see the sunrise from here, so you can already imagine Peja waking up early each morning to take photos while I snooze away. It could also get cold at night, that’s why comforters are available for guests to use.

The master bedroom where we stayed in has a massive king size bed with canopy, a single bed, a separate toilet and shower room with a large bathtub, a powder area, a living area, a wide veranda, and lots of storage compartments. This luxurious villa has a Filipino and tropical-inspired design that uses local and natural building materials. Its romantic ambiance is perfect for couples and honeymooners!

This is the photo of the second bedroom in Villa 1.

Villa #2

The two villas of Terra Nova are specially appointed in such a way that guests can experience utmost privacy because they are quite far from each other. Approximately two hundred meters away from the Villa 1 is the second villa of Terra Nova, the Villa #2.  It has three bedrooms and can accommodate 6-8 guests. It has a family-friendly and much more playful vibe, perfect for guests with children. There are also mezzanines where some of the guests can sleep. This villa overlooks the garden and small cove where you can witness amazing sunsets.

Located across the Villa #2 is the gym. There are also yoga mats available here if you want to practice yoga in the cabanas by the bay.

Day 2

The restaurant is located in between the two villas of Terra Nova. The meals that were served to us were always healthy and delicious. Peja is such a big fan of Chef Rowel! I can tell because of all shrimps, especially the crab dishes, served to him were always ubos!  I have seafood allergies and the staff was very thoughtful all throughout our stay to serve other dishes without seafood on it! (Thank you, guys!) Different kinds of beverages like coffee, tea, fruit juices, milkshakes, and soft drinks are provided for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Champagnes, wines, and beers are also available for an additional fee.

Our second day started out with a heavy breakfast. You can choose to have your breakfast in the restaurant or in the convenience of your own villa’s veranda.

For our island hopping tours that day, we decided to have a light one because we were still a bit tired from our trip the day before. We explored the hidden beauty of Liminangcong- – the nearby waterfall, a secret beach in Tuluran Island, and we also went snorkeling in one of the diving spots.

The secret beach in Tuluran Island was the highlight of our second-day trip. Aside from several local kids, we almost had the whole place to ourselves. It’s an untouched paradise with crystal clear waters and very fine sand. I’ve always known Palawan is beautiful, but I didn’t expect it to be THIS beautiful! I have no words! The water was so clear that you can see the fishes swimming from under the water, passing by your toes. The views of the rock formations were beyond imagination. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I couldn’t express enough how amazing this place is.

The crew prepared a special picnic lunch for us in the boat. The grilled fish was very fresh and delicious. However, I didn’t get to eat much because I was too seasick. 🙁 Peja ate almost half of the massive fish and I was very envious because I could only stomach the apples that time. The crew told me they would buy me Bonamine so I can fully enjoy our El Nido trip the next day. So thoughtful, isn’t it?

By the time we went back to our villa, it was around 3 pm already. I was very glad to see our villa already cleaned up and organized again. There was a cold juice prepared for us as well on the veranda. Perfect after a day of activities!

Coming back from our tour a bit early, we had some time to take a nap and relax for the rest of the day. The staff told us they would prepare a private dinner for us on the cabana by the beach. I was very excited because I can already see them preparing the set-up with curtains and all other stuff. I already knew that time that it was going to be a great night. And it really was!

We walked through the walkway that glowed with torch lights towards the cabana. We were asked by the staff if we wanted to have complimentary wine or music. The specialty dishes prepared by the chef were well-prepared and the romantic setting was perfect! The stars that night were shining brightly again and the waves were our background music. It was a really special moment for the both of us. Reminiscing it right now still makes me weak on the knees. A perfect night to end a perfect day. <3

Day 3

Our third day started out early so we decided to go kayaking first before starting our El Nido tour. The waves were calm and the sky lit with morning glow. The island views from the bay were amazing and it was so peaceful.

After playing around in the kayak, we packed our stuff and got ready for our El Nido island hopping tour. Our tour guide explained that we will do a combination of Tour A and B to maximize our day. We toured the Secret Lagoon, the Big Lagoon, the Small Lagoon, and then we also went snorkeling in one of the snorkeling spots in El Nido. I took two Bonamine pills to make sure I won’t get seasick again!

(Read the full article about our El Nido tours on our next article!)

Take note that all gears you will need for the El Nido island hopping tours are already available in Terra Nova for your convenience- – aqua shoes, snorkeling gears, fins, life vests, kayaks, tour guides, and a private outrigger boat with your own crew. We felt really safe with our tour guide, Big Boy, who was very skilled and friendly. Also, you get this V.I.P. feeling all the time because you have your own big boat which was very convenient and posh!

We got back to our villa late afternoon, just in time for Peja to get the perfect shots of golden hour in the small cove by the Villa #2. Here are some of his amazing photos.

For our last night, the staff prepared a bonfire and a barbecue party for everyone. We roasted marshmallows by the bonfire while we looked at the stars. I had a bittersweet feeling that time because I didn’t want to leave yet. The staff was so kind and it felt like everyone’s family!

Day 4

For our last day in Terra Nova, we had our breakfast in our villa’s veranda. We had no activities for that day so we just relaxed and enjoyed our remaining time in paradise.

Before we left Liminangcong, we toured the community first so we can get to see the schools and the locals supported by the Guy Mazzoni Foundation. Touring around, we get to see and mingle with them. We’ve discovered that Liminangcong is a small and remote town consisting of around 8,000 people only.

The photo below is one of the few schools in Liminangcong receiving support from the foundation.

It feels good to know that aside from spending such a great time in Terra Nova, you also get to help the locals by being guest donors through the amazing advocacy of the foundation. After all, it’s up to us to help each other, even in our own little ways.

Thank you, Terra Nova family for hosting us and making our stay memorable. The impeccable service we’ve experienced here was priceless! We love you!

P.S. It may look like I’m choking Gucci, but really, I was hugging her and trying to make her look at the camera! 😆

Things to Take Note

Terra Nova Peninsula prefers booking through the Airbnb site/app for security purposes.

Bringing in pets are allowed.

Check-in time is flexible and checkout time is 1 pm.

WiFi connection inside the villas is weak. The staff can provide a WiFi pocket router that works best in the restaurant area and on top of a hill easily accessible by stairs.

Body massages and scuba diving are also available for an additional fee.

They currently do not accept credit cards (no secured internet connection), but guests can opt to pay in USD or PHP for additional fresh fruit juices and cocktails, any alcoholic drinks, snacks, activities, etc.

Special rates can be offered to couples, groups, and for special events (weddings, seminars, etc.)


Overnight rate for the ALL-INCLUSIVE package starts from USD 500+ for 4 adult guests and 1 to 2 kids under the age of 12, depending on the season and availability. Minimum of 2 nights per stay. A 3rd Villa facing the other side of Terra Nova’s bay will be able to host 5-6 guests beginning of 2018.

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For reservations and Inquiries:

+63 (0) 905 864 8182
Mr .Eric Vidal (LONDON – UK):
+44 (0)74-0171-9877
Email: terranovapeninsula1@gmail.com

Social Media

Facebook : Terra Nova – Guy Mazzoni Foundation
Google Maps : https://goo.gl/maps/GdvfiNHsw7t
TripAdvisor : Terra Nova – El Nido
Instagram : @terranovagmf
Twitter : @GuyMazzoniOrg

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