I Rented an Island for My Birthday | Sundang Island

Two words about this place. Private. Paradise. 

Renting your own private island for your birthday, how often could you say that? Sounds fancy, but do you know that you can also pull this off for under Php 5,000?

 It is the perfect trip for a romantic or barkada staycation if you want a secluded getaway far from the crowd. The air is fresh and cool that I wore jackets the whole time we were there. The views are very peaceful and scenic that I can say it is one of the best birthdays in my life.

Since this place made my birthday extra special, we would like to share our amazing and surreal experience in this private paradise.

The Port

 The moment you set foot on the boat that will take you to the island, you will somehow feel the change in ambiance and it’s like you are being transported to another place. I can tell that since we came from a very long and exhausting trip from Bulacan. All the tiredness and exhaustion that I have felt had vanished the moment I saw the serene lake and the cluster of islands that surround it.

You can only reach the island by a 10-minute boat ride from the port. The boat can accommodate upto 10 pax excluding the driver.
Note: Boat transfers are already included in the rental fee.

 The Sundang Island

I didn’t notice that the 10-minute trip has already passed because I was very dumbfounded by the sights along the way.

The view of the island gave me instant relief and happiness. It looks very picturesque that I believe the photos do not give any justice to the beauty of this place. The island has a rustic bungalow and a study area where you can read books or do your work peacefully.

The House

The house has this rustic details and Bali vibe that I immediately felt at home the moment we arrived. It has a wide room, clean bathroom, fully-equipped kitchen (with few ingredients already provided, check the photo), and a wide dining hall where you can eat your meals. You can also choose to dine al fresco. 

Things to take note:

Towels are already provided, but not the toiletries (shampoo, soaps, etc.)

There is no water heater so make sure you boil your water for bathing first.

Drinking water is already provided, just bring ice.

This is a haven for coffee lovers. There are many spots in the island where you can just chill while having coffee. The owner has multiple coffee presses, just bring your own ground coffee!

There are board games found in the bedroom. Make sure not to lose any pieces for future guests!

Since this is an island, electricity runs through generators only. Therefore, there is a time limit for electricity that starts from 6pm to 12mn. You won’t need ACs and fans because the place is very windy and at night time, it gets cold, like reaaallly cold. We told Kuya Tony, the caretaker, to turn the generator off at around 10pm since we didn’t really need it. Make sure to charge your gadgets when the power is on.

On top of the ladder is an upper level where mattresses are stored.

The Study Area

This is a separate bungalow perfect for reading books and painting! It gives you a 360 degree view of the island. It is also where the lifebuoy and picnic mats are kept.

The Dogs

There are two resident huskies in the island. If you are scared of them (like Peja), you can ask Kuya Tony to have them tied. Ghanima is the serious one and Polka is the playful one.
Note: Pets are allowed.



Activities in Sundang Island

There are many things that you can do here!

You can swim in the lake. However, the water was so cold the time we were there we didn’t even bother trying it. We just settled on having a picnic. Please take note that you are less likely to float in the lake compared to saltwater. There’s a lifebuoy in the study area that you can use. 

You can just relax and sleep all day! There’s a hammock provided and mattresses that you can just spread wherever in the island.

You can have bonfires and watch the stars. It’s our first time doing this and I must tell you, stargazing on this island was insane! The bonfire perfectly complimented the coldness of the night and the sound of the waves was music to our ears while we watch the stars. We also tried grilling our corn by the bonfire. Obviously, that was a bad idea. We ate corn covered in abo.

The next day when we woke up, it was raining. You might think this ruined our last day. It’s actually quite the opposite. The rain changed the atmosphere of the whole island into a whole new level. It made the place more intimate and tranquil. I felt like we were the only ones in the whole world. Sounds cheesy, but it’s true.

Saying that we liked the place is an understatement. I honestly LOVE it so much I didn’t want to go home. However, as the saying goes, “All good things come to an end.” *crying inside*

How to Go to Sundang Island 

From Manila 
via commute
1. Ride the bus bound to Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan in the following terminals:
HM Transport in Edsa Cubao Terminal, Green Star Bus or DLTB Bus in Gil Puyat or HM Liner Bus in Metropolis Mall

2. From the bus terminal, you can ride the jeepney bound to Pagsanjan and get off at Puregold Pagsanjan to buy your food supplies (don’t forget your ice and charcoal). There’s a public market at the back of the town center as well.

3. After buying your goods, board the jeep going to Barangay Lumot and ask the driver to drop you off at NAPOCOR office. From there, the port is just a walking distance away. Estimated travel time is 3-4 hours

via private car from sundangisland.com

From Metro Manila, you can reach the island by car through the Antipolo/Manila East Road route or through the Calamba/SLEX route. Both are generally the same distance to the island, give or take a few kilometers. Which one is better for you depends on exactly where in Metro Manila you’ll be coming from (SLEX makes sense for those coming from Manila while Manila East Road makes sense for those coming from Quezon City/Pasig), time of day (we don’t recommend taking Manila East Road at night), and other preferences (in our view the Manila East Road is more scenic). Depending on how long you spend on stop-overs, you should reach our island in 3-4 hours.

From Lucban
1. Ride the jeep bound to Sta. Cruz Pagsanjan and get off at the tricycle terminal that will take you to the NAPOCOR office.  From there, the port is just a walking distance away.


PRICING from sundangisland.com
P3,400 a night on weekdays (Monday nights to Thursday nights)
P4,400 a night on weekends and holidays (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights and nights before and after holidays) for first 2 guests

P700/guest per night for every succeeding guest


For inquiries and reservation,
Mobile: +63-998-987-1840 or +63-2-433-1751,
Website: sundangisland.com
Airbnb: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/895486

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To cap off my birthday, we stopped by my favorite ramen place, Ramen Nagi. I think I ate everything in less than 15 minutes.

Sana birthday ko na lang lagi!

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